Art Flags!

design observer recently posted an entry from a despondent will drenttel. his issue? there were too many white men on the committee of an ad busters flag design competition. a flag for the global citizen! where to begin?
first things first! (no pun intended)

to begin, will is white, lives in Connecticut, and has a BA in European Cultural Studies from Princeton University. I would guess that he studied abroad in Europe… a lot! he probably has tons of white friends back in the European motherland, not to mention Connecticut. so why does he hate white people? he is a racist.

Second. the only people with the time, money and motivation to assuage their white guilt are white men! and what better way, than to design a flag for everybody to get along with each other under. koom by ya!

third. so seven experienced and qualified designers can’t judge a competition because of their race and gender? doesn’t sound racist or sexist to me. if the premise is the best person to design a flag for …the world, is that that person’s demographic data has to represent the world. we need to find a designer who is a paraplegic albino of African decent, who speaks mandarin with a heavy British accent and was born a hermaphrodite in rural Kentucky but considers him/her self gay.ASAP!

and finally. who outside the developed world is going to be offended? do you think people in Cambodia read ad busters? are they going to be offended when the only symbol of power they know, the AK47, isn’t included on the flag? nope. this flag despite all of the shrieking will never be seen outside of a readership that doesn’t extend beyond a small group of impotent intellectuals. that is going to change things.

-Pole Pot

if you must,here is a link.


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