why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

the idea of working for free is brilliant and at the same time extremely short sighted. it really depends on what side of the winner loser line you fall. because you are no doubt a designer and self perceived masochist, I’ll start with the losers in the game.

first, you are working for free in a room for twelve hours with two or three other egodriven, self aggrandizing sacks of human waste. so they want to save the world, and eat vegan food. doesn’t change a thing. wake up sackmiester! nonprofit is merely a technical distinction, those NPs have operating budgets and executive staffs just like your nemesis coke. if they want a service they should pay for it! they can’t find the dough? raise the dough! I have always wanted a porsche 964 Carrera RS, but I would be remiss not to accept a sucker’s offer to provide me with one for free. any takers? these same designers who participate are going to find themselves with out a job when the NPs in the area find out that billable hours shouldn’t add up to more than 12. wait why are they going to pay anyway? there are idiots lining up to work for free! great! finally, any designer who is a taker on this should think about the big picture. the group organizing this is going to get the credit and the lion’s share of the buzz. for what? a quaint poster/postcard and blog site? bad news…not twelve hours of work, and you are on the second rung.

now, your drive to succeed has brought you this far, so let’s see why you are brilliant! we have already established that the real winner here is the company organizing this farce. you have the publicity what else could you deserve? you deserve a pat on the back! let’s see why. first you have a bunch of NP networking to do. you have busted your ass generating interest in your company but the only people beating down the door say they don’t have money. relax Tom, nobody wants to look like a jerk turning down work because some benevolent organization can’t pay. but you don’t have the spare capacity or the patience to deal with another committee of society housewives who have real opinions about edwardian script or they have seen the movie helvetica. just between us designers, right? the solution? whitewash the whole problem! this town is full of huckleberrys. the plan works! you divert all of the non-paying freeloading NPs onto the competition and look like a doll in the eyes of those that “can” pay. all because you organized a benevolent bamboozling! you are the best!

-Seymore Cash

P.S. when was the last time you heard about a drive-by shooting at jackson via? never happened.if you must,

here is a link.


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